“Dance & Wine” at Podere Sapaio with CAB.

“Dance & Wine” at Podere Sapaio with CAB.

Evolution, bucolic moments, relaxation and fermentation are intertwined, giving life to a magnificent interpretation of Podere Sapaio in every state of being.


Amongst the vineyards and throughout the winery, the talented dancers of CAB (Collettivo Danze Urbane di Belluno) created a dialogue between their bodies and nature, in this extremely evocative video made during last September’s harvest.

The “Dance&Wine” project was conceived and created by Eleonora Majer, a talented teacher and the owner of CAB, who tells it like this:

When I came up with the idea for this project, I wanted to involve female dancers with different characteristics and artistic abilities, precisely because I wanted each of them to represent a “state” of Podere Sapaio, and interpret it with their own style.

Anastasia represents the cellar, and for this reason she dances in a “house music” style; her continuous movement and evolution is a clear reflection of life in the cellar itself. Ilaria interprets Podere’s bucolic context, surrounded by evocative views and landscapes that have a zen-like quality. With her fermentation dance, Carla represents the on-going work of the vineyard, while Noemi interprets the relaxation and well being that Podere never fails to offer its visitors.

Intoxicated by this multifaceted and liberating vision of what Podere Sapaio and its locations mean to all of us, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the CAB dancers and of course, to the creator behind it all…thank you Eleonora!

Design / Screenplay / Costumes and Music by Eleonora Majer.
Shooting and Editing by Alberto De Nart.
CAB – A school specialising in urban dances that has been collaborating with important companies on a national level for years.

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