“Fare Mondo” (Making the World) a new mural by Podere Sapaio.

“Fare Mondo” (Making the World) a new mural by Podere Sapaio.

At Sapaio, nature becomes a work of art: we proudly present “Fare Mondo”, a mural that recounts the plant world and the concept of “third landscape”.

Sapaio’s involvement in the world of art is widely recognised. With its logo that is a tribute to the graffiti artist J.M. Basquiat, the company has, from its outset and over the years, frequently collaborated with artists from different backgrounds, and has also established interesting partnerships with institutions and museums.

While Sapaio’s internet and social media projects have featured video art, photography, and graphics that are very often the protagonists in defining the company’s identity and philosophy, this year we’ve gone a step further!

Collaborations with the art world have led us in new directions that, for the first time, will not end up in the virtual world of the web, but will instead take us to real worlds.

“We were inspired by the ecological approach of Gilles Clement, who invites us to consider the earth as a living entity, in which all of the fragments of the landscape that are ignored may possibly be regenerated; and by Emanuele Coccia, revolutionary philosopher of green thinking, who has radically reversed our idea of change.

It was along this line of thinking that we chose the Cantina di Sapaio a rather ordinary looking building located in the industrial area of Donoratico, but also a place of transformation – as the blank canvas on which we could recount the evolution of our ideas.”

Le Artiste

The project was elaborated through the coming together of two young artists, Chiara Ceccarelli and Costanza Rosi, and slowly took shape, becoming a large mural of 140 square meters, in which the world of plants, and its reappropriation of urban spaces, is the protagonist.

How did the work “Fare il Mondo” come about?
“Fare Mondo” was born from the desire to satisfy Sapaio’s need to speak about itself as a company that is sensitive to the themes of nature, which goes well with our idea of art. Since the winery is located in the industrial area of Donoratico, the idea came up to create a work that recounts the concept of reappropriation of urban spaces by the world of plants. The common starting point was the reading of the essay “The metaphysics of mixing” by Emanuele Coccia, a book that focuses on the concept of plant cosmogony, and therefore on the importance that plants have in creating the world in which man lives and intervenes.

The work presents itself as a “mixture” of all the elements that determine the development of life on Earth (above all that of water and light), as represented through an interpenetration of planes and points of view.
The drawing spreads out from the corner across the warehouse, as if it were a plant climbing up the building. One can seen that the tree trunks (front view) also form rivers that flow across land (top view): here where the stretches of land immersed in blue sea that also make up a starry sky are also the tops of pine forests of Donoratico, as seen from above. Blue and green hues predominate in delicate tones, reinforced and sustained by the red of Sapaio that appears in the form of a sphere that symbolizes the Sun, and hence light.

Let’s move on to a few questions about you. Tell us about your rapport with art…
Costanza: Inevitable! It has always been a natural part of my life, and I have always used it to express something.
Chiara: My relationship with art can be summed up with the word “meta-time” because when I paint, time either stops or speeds up, I don’t know which, but it changes.

What about your relationship with wine?
Costanza: I love wine, especially red, which I drink in moderation.
Chiara: My relationship with wine is excellent, a real love story!

And what about social media?
Costanza: I use social media to promote my work, and for fun. I get bored quite quickly and so I use it relatively little, but I like it.
Chiara: My relationship with social media is inversely proportional to my love of wine.

Finally, describe yourselves in one word
Costanza: All-rounder. I’m a designer by trade, but I’ve always drawn. I like to paint, I like to sew, to work with wood…so “all-rounder”.
Chiara: Three words. Blue, risk, expansion.

The artists
Costanza Rosi was born in Castagneto Carducci in 1996. She studied Art and Design at the Politecnico di Milano before going on to the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. She loves engaging in various representative techniques and experimenting with new expressive languages, from embroidery to street art.

Il suo profilo Instagram @melo.di.segno

Il suo profilo Instagram @la.ce.92

Chiara Ceccarelli was born in 1992 and grew up in the countryside of Guardistallo. She graduated in Law in Pisa, however having always been passionate about art, at 26 set off in a new direction, enrolling at the Franco Russoli art institute. She expresses herself and her constant research through painting.

Costanza and Chiara, friends in life, collaborate in various artistic projects.


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