At dinner with Volpolo and Jeff Koons.

At dinner with Volpolo and Jeff Koons.

Palazzo Strozzi’s “Shine” exhibition conquers Florence (and Podere Sapaio) with the works of an artist who has revolutionized contemporary art.

On 2 October, one of the most anticipated exhibitions of recent times was inaugurated at Palazzo Strozzi: “Shine” by the artist Jeff Koons, is a singular and exclusive selection of works from the most prestigious museums in the world.
Known for its love of art in all its forms, for Podere Sapaio, at this preview dedicated to the most ‘pop’ artist of the moment (also nominated Renaissance Man 2022), it was an honor to bring an equally popular wine, that of Volpolo 2019, to the table.

Preview of the Exibition and Reinassance Man Award of the Year.



Volpolo 2019


Catapulted into the “shining” world of Jeff Koons, we admired iconic works and “entered the collective imagination thanks to the ability to combine high and popular culture, from refined references to art history to quotes from the world of consumerism”.


“Balloon Dog” e la nostra Greta Bandini.


Innovative sculptures and installations that call into question our relationship with reality by creating a dialogue between the real and the imaginary, allowing us to “reflect” on them and become part of the work itself. As Koons himself states: “The work of an artist is a gesture aimed at showing people what their potential is. It is not about creating an object or an image; everything happens in the relationship with the viewer.


“Sacro Cuore”


Koons’ exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi went far beyond all expectations; leaving a glow that has shed light on the “democratic vision and the inexhaustible expressive potential that pop aesthetics can transmit […] capable of shaping the most ephemeral forms of consumption with an almost eternal alloy, and concealing their apparent inconsistency with an aura of preciousness (Artribune).




The world of wine and that of art are closer than one might imagine: both animate the world, and when they meet they create a sort of symbiosis with unique and unexpected forms.


And it is for this reason once again that being a partner of a precious and unique reality like Palazzo Strozzi widens our vision and enriches our thinking. We invite to all of you to visit the exhibition (until 30 January 2022) and bask in the light of “Shine”.

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