Podere Sapaio at Palazzo Strozzi for American Art 1961-2001

Podere Sapaio at Palazzo Strozzi for American Art 1961-2001

Wine and art, a duo with a profound connection, an extremely important partnership for our country today.

“Wine is not an end in itself, wine is art” and for this reason its bond with all arts is a profound one. A defining interpretation in its various forms, a stimulus, the language of “others”, which is able to recount Podere Sapaio’s eco-techno-Zen philosophy.

From our logo, a tribute to the artist J.M. Basquiat, to the video-art and photographic projects and precious collaborations with important entities on the international art scene such as Palazzo Strozzi, which we are proud to have here, in our Florence.

We recently visited Palazzo Strozzi for the new American Art 1961-2001 exhibition, which opened on 28 May, and it is our pleasure to tell you all about it.

We were hoping to see something great, and we weren’t disappointed. Among the names that stood out were Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, Bruce Nauman, and Barbara Kruger, just to name a few. How could one not be curious and fascinated by a roster like that, especially given Podere Sapaio’s close ties with the USA?

We can confim that American Art 1961-2001 is a great celebration of modern art from the United States of America.

Through the more than 80 works by 55 artists, using different languages and approaches, controversial social issues are addressed and witnessed – the changes, struggles, and gender politics, which marked such an important era, and opened the doors to the next.

A journey that begins in the 60s with the POP language of Andy Wharol, a central figure of the exhibition, and ends with the more recent developments of the 90s and 2000s, with artists such as Kara Walker and Cindy Sherman.

Iconic works, others less known, make up an exhibition that does not aspire to be a simple set of unrealted themes, but a narrative with a continuous meaning, that retraces 40 years of American history from an unofficial, often raw, more truthful point of view.

Art that witnesses, therefore, art that denounces, art that challenges.

Directly from the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis to Florence until 29 August, we can confim that this exhibition finally declares the return to ‘live’ culture here in Tuscany, and it does so exceedingly well.

For all of you who are planning a trip to Tuscany or a quick weekend of culture, food and wine, we suggest you don’t to miss out.

To conclude the tour, obviously a good glass of Sapaio … or Volpolo!

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