Diary of a harvest 2020 – Part One

Diary of a harvest 2020 – Part One

Our very own wine explorer Alessandro Nannelli recounts the 2020 harvest one step at a time. A social media diary made up of thoughts and reflections on what was an unforgettable vintage.

July 14 _ Waiting for the harvest
Harvest 2020 is on its way. July 3 marks the beginning of the veraison of one of the most precocious red varieties – the Merlot. Compared to last year, it is 15 days ahead of schedule.


August 20 _ Monsieur Merlot
Here it is… Sinuous and velvety at first sight, with an evident bloom.It will be the first to be harvested, and it is also therefore that which is most sensitive to the late August heat and weather conditions. I check up on it every day, and while observing it everything else slowly pales in comparison, nothing else matters…


September 9 _ The clues to follow: it all begins with the grape bunch.
After having pampered, cared for, and loved the vines throughout their winter rest period and into their spring/summer vegetative phase, we are now rewarded with splendid bunches.
It is in this moment that we may begin to understand and interpret the vintage.There is no single recipe for creating a wine.To best accompany it through its transformation within the cellar, we must gather every single vibration and the precious clues that this noble fruit offers.


September 17 _ A long summer…
It was an unusually hot late summer, as our land continued to be warmed well into September. Today the curtain rises on the 2020 harvest.
After careful analysis and checks carried out on the grapes and foilage canopy aimed at striking the right balance between technical and phenolic maturity, the harvest can begin.


To be continued…Stay tuned!

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